Sunday, April 29, 2012

SEEING THE LIGHT photography 101

Want to learn how to use that beautiful digital SLR camera that you got last Christmas?  Are you frustrated that the photos you're taking are not of the quality that you expected? Have you read the manual 3 times and still can't achieve the results you want? Get your camera out of the bag and into this class! I am going to show you how to transform your  ordinary snapshots into extraodinary images that will earn you the admiration and envy of your friends and family and satisfy your artistic expectations! This is a HANDS ON photography course that I teach at my home/studio in Clermont, Florida.  I will share what I've gleaned from years of experience as a professional illustrator and photographer.  You will learn:

  • The secrets and techniques that professional photographers use to achieve stunning and striking images, not found in any manual!
  • how to use your camera with ease and confidence in a variety of lighting situations
  • how to incorporate color, composition and design into your photos
  • how to use simple and basic Photoshop and Lightroom techniques that will dramatically enhance your images 

Your DSLR camera


Clermont Florida (near Disney World)

course notes
membership in my Flickr group
(an online private group where you can share your photos with me and other students from the course and receive further help, encouragement and instruction)

 May 5th 11-5 PM
  June 16th 11-5 PM
  July 7th 11-5 PM
  Aug 4th 11-5 PM 
(special individual arrangements can be made for other dates based on availability)

Melissa Gallo Photography

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  1. This course is the most productive, informative photography course I have ever taken. You may enter a as a timid novice, but you will certainly exit as a confident, inspired, photographer! The course instructor has many years of experience first as an artist and illustrator, then as a talented photographer. You feel inspired from the moment she begins to teach. For those of you familiar with the basics of photography, she will teach you the most innovative recent changes to digital photography. She will share her secrets of the most up to date techniques that will enable you to capture life's most cherished moments in an unforgettable way. Sign up before the classes fill up! I've already signed up to take her next course!

  2. Dear Melissa,

    I wanted to thank you for helping me pursue my new found love, photography. Before I took your class, I thought that I would never learn even the basics to take a good photo or to find my way around my new camera. But, you have a talent to break it down and make it simple for anyone to learn. I could have read 10 photography books and taken 8 college courses to get the valuable lessons you have taught me in just one day. God has given you a wonderful gift to share with others and I am a so blessed that I was able to be one of the ones who was able to receive that give.

    I am looking forward to growing as a photographer by taking the remainder of your classes. Again, thank you for helping me grow my passion for photography and for being a good friend.

    Heather Bacon